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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the loans?

Anyone who is formally employed by a company that is preapproved by Moneta and gets paid through a commercial bank account.

  • Civil servants have access to term loans or salary advances.
  • Employees from the private sector have access to salary advances and in some cases term loans were a payroll agreement is in place.
What are the requirements?
  1. Original NRC
  2. Latest 2 Months Pay slip (Not applicable to Civil servants)
  3. Latest 2 Months Bank Statement
  4. Letter from the employer (where applicable)
What are the requirements?

The amount one borrows is dependent on ones creditworthiness. A thorough check is done to ascertain how much one qualifies for. Our lowest salary advance and term loan are from ZMW 300.00

What is your interest rate?

Our interest rates differ depending on the product and tenure of the salary advance or loan.

You may visit any of our branches for more details or call 0211 227001/ mobile 0963722282.

Do you offer any incentives?

Yes we do offer gifts to our clients such as T-shirts, Umbrellas, Hampers, Shopping bags, and much more in our annual promotions.

Furthermore, if you get to refer someone to access any of our products you get to be given ZMW 50.

How do I make payments?

Salary advance and Loans repayments are made in cash at any of our branches, through direct debit or through your employer payroll systems where an agreement is in place. Salary advance and Loans repayments can further be made through Airtel and MTN mobile money platform.

Key facts about our repayment systems:

  • In an event you fail to make a full repayment, we may permit you to make part payment.
  • Delayed payments attract penalties in the form of extra interest.
  • All of our loans come with “Ubucingo Loan Protector’’. The cover ensures a cash benefit in an event you are unable to pay your dues due to unforeseen events such as death, retrenchment/loss of employment, disability and illness.

How to  check my balance?

You may check for your balance via our mobile app called Moneta Finance, which you can download from Google play store or check with your respective branch. You are further given a key facts statement of your transactions.

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